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Windows hello works for login which is nice. No microphone which is what I expected. Video image quality not particularly impressive and I was disappointed that skype and zoom did not use the depth function to improve background modification. Works about the same as my older non 3D camera.
Great size, maneuverability, and quality. Had an interesting, mobile, damage-free way of attaching to laptops and monitors, also has a place for a tripod to attach. Cable is USB A to USB C, quite long. Built in privacy cover and "webcam on" light are nice. Couldn't be happier.
Plug and play, works right away. Quality of the product is good, but the image/video quality is subpar, probably equal to an average laptop (my laptop web cam is better). However, I used for my desktop which doesn't have a built it webcam, and the windows hello facial recognition is absolutely magical. Tldr: great for average person, not good enough for medium/high quality video calls

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