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We have been using another brand for the past 4 years. We bought another one that was refurbished and it didn’t work. I bought the Eufy brand because of the reviews and the price. It cleans as well or better than the deebot we had. It has to have the app to set multiple cleaning times and days when the other brand could use the app or the remote for multiple cleaning times. The one extra vacuum setting are great. 3 power settings that makes cleaning rugs are a bonus. Much more power than are other brand. It does cut down on the cleaning time but a great option. It keeps our hardwood floors clean. It’s amazing how much dirt and pet hair the vacuum finds after cleaning the floors. We wouldn’t be without a robot vacuum now. My wife and I both have bad backs. We have one pet that sheds and we keep him trimmed and brushed so we get most of the pet hair off him. We did have 3 small dogs and that’s why we bought a robot vacuum years ago. We wouldn’t be without one. Also parts are easy to find. I have already fixed are broken robot vacuum and saving it for a backup.
I wish I had known this does not use magnetic strips to know its boundaries Does a good of cleaning, does not play well with other Eufys.
This vacuum is amazing! It's so powerful, so quiet and easy to use. And the price is unbelievably reasonable. My floor is always spotless so I bought two more as a gift for my friends. My two friends just moved, one built a house and the other one bought a condo. It's a perfect gift!!!

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